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Many shoe and boot retailers have the same problems – too many staff when things are quiet (which means high overheads) and not enough staff when things are busy. Business is lost when customers get bored waiting to try on ‘the other one’ or ‘the next size up’.

Working closely with Hi-Tec we came up with a solution based on self-selection. A pair of boots in each size arranged vertically as a column, one column per style, with boxed product stocked behind it.

The shopper on entering the store hears bird songs and running water from a sound sensor and sees only boots on display with a background of outdoor scenery. On moving from the back of the store the shopper sees the boxed products for every size and style next to the corresponding display. So the shopper can ‘try and buy’ at their leisure in a unique and distinctive retail environment.

The display system uses flowing lines and natural textures and elements combined with high performance contemporary materials.

Note how closely the CAD concept translates against the photo of the finished store.

The initial stores have been highly effective driven by well trained and professional staff and a great product range.



"Axiom helped us to achieve a distinctive retail look for the Hi Tec range of leisure footwear. Our requirement to be able to respond to rapid surges in shopper numbers within our factory outlets in Leeds and Swindon was facilitated with a unique design solution which enabled customers to self-select, try and buy."

"A number of the Hi-Tec team were very pleasantly surprised that the drama of the CAD concepts translated exactly into the finished job."

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